Terms of Service

**** The following rules must be obeyed at all times or your license will be suspended. ****
**** The following terms "We", "Us", and "Our" represent the De-Rank Tool Team ****
**** The following terms "You" and "Your" represent the customer(s) of the De-Rank Tool ****

Terms of service:
  1. Before purchasing any amount of time you must read and agree to all of the terms listed below.
    (Subject to change at any time without notice.)
  2. Help us protect our tool - You are not allowed to send the De-Rank tool application and/or link to the tool to anyone outside of the De-Rank tool messenger group on Facebook in any way, shape, or form. Doing so will result in an immediate ban from our services as well as having your CPU Key blacklisted from our services.
  3. You are not allowed to share your login or CPU Key with anyone with intent to allow a console that is not officially registered to use De-Rank Tool.
  4. You are not allowed to tamper with the De-Rank Tool Application in any way, shape or form. This includes but is not limited to: debugging, cleaning, unpacking, monitoring, etc. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.
  5. Don't do anything stupid - While using our services, common sense is key. Please use our application as it was intended or do not use at all.
  6. Being that this is a digital product/program, there will be absolutely no refunds; however, the De-Rank Tool team would like all of our clients to be happy so if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, message us and we will try to make it right.
  7. By purchasing time on this tool, you understand and accept that the De-Rank Tool authentication system requires the use of your computer's specific Hardware Identification Number (HWID) and that is required to be able to use this program.
  8. Once the two free HWIDs have been registered with our program, there will be a $5 fee to add another HWID or change a registered CPU Key
  9. By purchasing the "BETA" status tool, you understand that you are paying for early access option, and/or X360DeRankTool builds that may not be completely stable.
  10. Each license sold on X360DeRankTool is for lifetime. Lifetime is defined by the existence of the X360DeRankTool's existence, not by the life span of any one user. We reserve the right to revoke any license at any time.
  11. You are not permitted to use a VPN inbetween sessions. If you are urged to hide your IP, please logout before activating and login after it has been activated. You may be permanently banned for violation.
  12. All information submitted to our site becomes property of X360DeRankTool including, but not limited to:
    • Usernames
    • Passwords
    • Emails
    • HWIDs
    • CPU keys
  13. All registration is watermarked in the X360DeRankTool. Sharing any information in regards to your account will result in a permanent ban.
  14. Our tool will automatically detect decompilers, even in the background, and will result in a permanent ban on your account. There is no recourse and no refund will be provided.
  15. Posting links to illegal material is strictly forbidden and will result in a banned account if caught. It is the sole responsibility of you, the user, to determine which links are appropriate and which are not.
* If you purchase time then realize that you don't want us to have this information, please refer to term 6.
* This is primarily here to protect our tool from people who wish to impose harm upon our tool. This is not in any way intended to limit or restrain users to one PC; however, if you reside in an average household, you will only be allowed two computers and/or laptops per license. If one computer/laptop should become unusable, you can have either of the HWIDs changed completely free of charge. You will need to contact the owner for the change as the sellers of the tool are not equipped for such changes.