What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network has many uses some being:

Security: A VPN offers security because it heavily encrypts all your internet traffic. This prevents others, such as governments and hackers, from intercepting your data because it passes through our servers before ending up where ever it was intended.

Anonymity: You can browse the internet anonymously because your personal IP address will be hidden from the rest of the internet as soon as you connect to our VPN server. Normally, others can link your online actions to your identity and your location based on your IP address. When you use a VPN your actions online can only be traced to the VPN server, but no longer to you. We don't nor will we ever keep logs or disclose your data with third parties for ANY reason whatsoever.

Freedom: Our servers allow you to connect to other servers and webhosts all over the world. When you connect to our VPN server in a certain country you will be able to access the internet as if you were physically in London, Paris. This can be useful because the internet isn’t freely accessible in all countries. Some countries censor part of the internet or impose restrictions on social media sites or online streaming services. If you are on holiday or have emigrated you will sometimes be unable to view streaming services based in your home country. A VPN will enable you to connect to the internet via servers in your home country. This makes it possible for you to watch your favourite show. It also works the other way around. If you want to gain access to the content of streaming services in a different country you, can do so via a VPN connection.

Gaming: With everything mentioned above said, our VPN server will also protect you from malicious attacks such as DOS, DDOS, POD, TCP, etc. Many of todays gamers have issues with running in to people who use attacks such as this to get a competitive edge over others. Well no more! because your data is going through our servers they will not be able to obtain your IP address because it is replaced by our servers IP address. Without having your personal IP they have no way to attack your internet personally they can only attempt to attack our servers which we are very well prepaired for! Our OVH servers have many custom firewalls to insure that no damage can be done!

How Does Our VPN Work?

  1. Softether VPN Client encrypts your data and sends it to our server through a secure encrypted SSL (connection/Secure Socket Layers).
  2. The encrypted data from your computer is decrypted by the VPN server.
  3. The VPN server will go on the internet with the decrypted data and will receive all traffic sent back, that is meant for the user.
  4. The traffic is then sent back to you (the user) after the VPN server encrypts it thus insuring complete anonymity and security.
Home Connection vs VPN Speed

The picture above shows speeds from a Windows 7 PC.

The picture above shows the spped from a Windows 7 PC when connected to our VPN service with Softether VPN Client.